Synergy on Mac OSX Lion

Update the QuickSynergy Download link


On Mac:

Download: QuickSynergy for Mac

Setup the Windows Computer name or IP on the display edge in Quick Synergy.

Press Start.

On Windows:

Download: Synergy 1.3.7

Install it and run it.

Type in the Mac IP in the “Other Computer’s Host Name”


Same mouse and keyboard for Mac and Windows

Synergy is a software kvm. It can let you share same set of mouse and keyboard between two different computers through TCP/IP.

Synergy 1.3.7

I want to setup my Lion as server and Win7 as client. After trying with multiple combination of version and configuration, I found Quick Synergy can at least work.

Problems with 1.4.4 Beta Server on Lion is the keyboard can’t use the Shift key in Windows machine. Problmes with 1.3.7 Server is that I can make my keyboard work in Windows machine.


Install Quick Synergy with the above instruction. Simple configuration and save all the hassle.